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1. suggestion

Dear Jack,

​ I am deeply sorry to hear that you did not do well in your recent English midterm exam. Today , I am writing to encourage you and share my experience in learning.

​ To begin with, I suggest that you prepare in advance and it is full preparation that enables you to do well in tests. A case in point is myself. Compared with others, I am not smarter, but full preparation brings me confidence, arouses my passion for learning , and helps me succeed. In addition, you are also supposed to consult your professor about methods of learning, which will help to improve your grades.

​ To conclude, I deem that if you do your utmost to prepare in advance and improve efficiency, you will do better in your next exam.

​ Your sincerely,

​ Li Ming

2. suggestion

Dear Jane,

​ So delighted to hear that you intend to participate in a speech contest on Chinese culture. Today, I am writing to give some suggestions.

​ To begin with, during the past years, it was your hard work that was enable you to accumulate adequate knowledge about Chinese culture. So, be confident and you will do a great job. Secondly, I know that you are keen on ancient Chinese architecture and we have visited the Great wall, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace together, Thus, it is advisable for you to choose to ancient Chinese architecture as your topic.

​ I will be free next Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Please feel free to call me when you need help.

3 Thanks

Dear Mr. Kevin,

​ I am so delighted to tell you that with your help, I won the first prize in the recent English speech contest at your college!

​ First of all , I am very grateful to you for all your help with my preparation. It was your word-by-word suggestions on my draft that enabled me to find the best title and add plenty of interesting facts on British culture. Secondly, your encouragement brought me the confidence to overcome my fear of public speaking, aroused my passion for showing myself, and helped me become more fluent in English.

​ As your student, I deem that it is advisable for me to work harder and strive for a bigger target in the future. By doing so, I can keep moving forward.

​ Yours sincerely,

​ Li Ming

4 Apologize

Dear Sky,

​ I am deeply grateful to you for lending me your bike several days ago. However , today, I am writing for the purpose of apologizing because I accidentally broke it yesterday.

​ I was supposed to place it in a parking space, but I mistakenly believed it would be okay if left it by the roadside for just a few minutes. Unfortunately, a car accidentally hit it and broke its seat. Then, I immediately went to a nearby bike shop to have the seat replaced. Anyway, I want to say that I am much disappointed with myself for being so careless.

​ If you have any other demands, please feel free to inform me. I will do my utmost to make up for my mistake.

5 Application

Dear Sir/Madam

​ As a senior student from Peking University who is exceedingly interested in cultural communication, I am writing to apply for the volunteer posision in your center.

​ I am convinced that I am qualified for the position because first, during my college years, I focused all my eyesight on my major——Cross-cultural Exchange. It was my hard work that enabled me to accumulate adequate knowledge of cultures around the world. Second, compared with students of other majors, I possess richer experience in communicating with foreigners, since I have served as a volunteer for several international conferences.

​ If I have the opportunity to be a volunteer for your organization, I will do my utmost to fulfill my duties.

​ Yours sincerely

​ Li Ming

6 Recommend

Dear Smith,

​ I am delighted to hear that you plan to visit China next month and it’s so great for us to finally have a chance to meet in person!

​ You mentioned in the e-mail that you hoped to visit a city with distinctive features. In that case, I deem that Xi’an should be your primary choice. Firstly, Xi’an is characterized by its wide variety of tasty food and historical sites, which will bring you unique experiences, arouse your passion for Chinese culture, and help you understand Chinese history beeter. Secondly, it is advisable for you to cycle on the Xi’an City Wall which will enable you to experience the past and the present of the city at the same time.

​ Let me know if you have any other questions. I am looking forward to seeing you in China!

​ Your sincerely,

​ Li Ming

7 Inform/Notice/Announcement

​ It is so great to hear that new international students have arrived at our university. This notice/announcement is for the purpose of inviting you to a welcome party.

​ The party is scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm on June 26th in the Center of Students’ activities, including singing and dancing performances, Chinese culture introduction and fun competitions. After these activities, some traditional Chinese snacks will be served and they are particularly worth trying. To conclude, this party will bring you opportunities to make new friends, arouse your passion for the upcoming campus life, and help you know China better.

​ We are looking forward to your participation.

​ The Students’ Union

8 Compliant

Dear Sit/Madam,

​ As a student in this university who often dines at the school cafeteria, I am writing for the purpose of making a complaint about the quality of food and service there.

​ First, the variety and quantity of food here, compared with students’ demands, are not adequate and we often can’t find what we want. Thus, it is advisable for you to offer more dishes. Second, It is of great neccessity to lower the price because a host of poor students, including me, cannot afford to eat properly now. Finally, we are rather disappointed with the cafeteria staff, because they are often rude to us for no reason at all. Hope that they will improve their customer service attitude.

​ I cling to the idea that with these measures taken, the cafeteria service will be improved a lot.

​ Yours sincerely,

​ Li Ming

9 thankful

Dear Mike,

​ I am so delighted to receive your e-mail and know that you picked up the wallet, and I am writing to express my gratitude.

​ Recently, I have been exceedingly busy since I have focused all my eyesight on preparing for the national entrance exams for postgraduate studies. So absorbed in learning was I that became careless about other matters. Consequently, I left the wallet in the classroom and did not realize it until I entered the cafeteria for lunch. Losing my wallet made me anxious and caused me to be distracted from learning, Fortunately, you picked it up and it’s so great that I can get it back!

​ I wonder if we could meet at the front gate of the Center of Students’ Activities this evening. Any time after 7 pm will be fine for me.

​ Yours sincerely,

​ Li Ming

10 Conference

Date: 4th October, 2022

Time: 10:00 a.m. ——11:00 a.m.

Duration: 1hour

Venue: Room 502

Present: Professor Sky and all classmates

​ This meeting was for the purpose of discussing how to prevent food waste in everyday life and finally all participants came to same conclusion.

​ Professor Sky raised the question and pointed out that compared with the past, we enjor a richer life and thus an increasing number of youngsters do not cherish food. Then, all classmates agreed that this phenomenon is particularly worth concerning. We deemed that it is of great necessity fo us to stop wasting not only food, but also time, electricity, water and the like.

​ The conclusion is that we are supposed to take immediate actions to prevent food waste in daily life, such as only buying what we need and saving leftovers.

​ Minutes recorder: Li Ming

11 Picture: process and result


​ On the football field, there is a boy, with great disappointment on his face, wiping his tears and sighing, “We lost the game.” However, facing the same result, his father encourages the youngster and tells hi吗, “It doesn’t metter. You’ve gained something in the process.” Serveral Chinese characters, finally, can be noticed below the picture, which read " process and result."

​ The drawing, apparently, can be associated with two distinct attitudes towards setbacks in life. For one thing, successful individpuals are marked by their various excellent qualities , including optimism and the spirit of learning from all experiences. It is their rational attitude towards failures that enables them to succeed once and again. For another, in reality, a host of young people tend to give up after setbacks. This phenomenon is particularly worth concerning for the reason that they focus their eyesight only on the outcome, ignoring their gains in the process of pursuing dreams. As a matter of fact, this negative and short-sighted behavior has constituted an obstacle that hinders their progress and growth.

​ As a senior who is preparing for national entrance exams for postgraduate studies, I encounter diverse adversities nearly every day. But nearly every day. But I cling to the idea that learning from failures can be likened to a key that unlocks more possibilities in my pursuit of dreams.

some phrase

Failure is the mother of success

experience and lessons

a narrow vision


overlook;ignore;neglect;not give enough attention to

keep one’s feet on the ground

no pain, no gain

have a good/positive state of mind

Success is a journey rather than destination.

Focus on the process and the result will follow.

Things in life may not actually turn out the way you wanted it to be, but you are happy that you dedicated yourself to the process 生活可能不会顺心如意,但是全身心投入过程已经让人心满意足了



The two drawing , apparently, can be associated with two distinct attitudes towards scores. In the left picture , there is a student , with his smartphone in hands, lying leisurely on the sofa and telling himself," Passing the exam is OK." By conttrast, although the student in the right picture gets a mark of 80, he is not quite satisfied and has made up his mind to do better next time. We can notice that he doesn’t stop learning even after the test.

​ Successful figures, to my understanding, are marked by their diverse excelllent qualities, such as diligence, confidence, preserverance and always setting higher goals for themselves. However, in reality , a host of people, like the student in the left picture, are rather lazy and not willing to set bigger goals or make any extra effort. This phenomenon is particularly worth concerning because they focus their eyesight merely on the so-called immediate gratification. It is their laziness and negative attitudes that cause them to have little motivation to imporve themselves. In fact, this short-sighted behavior has constituted an obstacle that hinders their long-term growth and progress.

​ Accordingly, I am convinced that it is advisable for us to set a big goal and do our utmost to realize it in life, work and study. Only in this manner can we embrace a promising and brilliant future.

set higher/big goals

achieve/accomplish one’s goal

fulfill one’s ambition 实现抱负

endeavor/strive/make an effort to do sth.

do one’s utmost 尽最大努力

tireless effort 孜孜不倦的努力

strive for more promising future 为更有前途的未来而奋斗

persistence/perserverance 坚持不懈

be dissatisfied with the status quo 不满足现状

only focus on immediate gratification

The key to success in life is the pursuit of excellence 人生成功的关键在于追求卓越

Nothing of any real significance happens to people who linger in the status quo.如果安于现状,终将一事无成

13 lifelong learning


​ In the front of a school gate, there is a youngster with a schoolbag on his back, asking an aged man: " Why do you still go to school at such an old age?" The senior citizen, with a smile on his face, answers: “If I stop learning, I may fall behind the times.” Several Chinese characters, finally, can be noticed below the picture, which say that it is never too late to learn.

​ The contemporary society is characterized by fierce competition and the increasingly fast pace of development. Admittedly, in reality , we are confronted with various new challenges nearly every day . In this case, if we intend to acquire and enjoy long-term success, it is advisable for us to cultivate the habit of lifelong learning, which can bring us latest knowledge and skills, arouse our passion for better life, and help us adapt to the fast-changing world. Thus, lifelong learning, to my understanding, can be likened to a journey, leading to a brilliant bright future.

​ Accordingly, society as a whole should foster a positive atmosphere to educate and encourage everyone to learn. It is lifelong learning that enables us to accumulate adequate knowledge, skills and confidence to meet new challenges. Everyone should bear in mind that it is nerver too old to learn.

It is never too late to learn 活到老学到老

lifelong learning

acquire knowledge

Knowledge is power/treasure

broaden one’s horizons

meet new challlenges

contribute to society

a promising future

contribute to one’s success

fall behind the times

Lifelong learning is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity.

The world of work is changing every single day. Unless you’re a lifelong learner, willing to keep up with that change, you are likely to be left behind,

## 4 popular domestic products


This is a simple but enlightening drawing which vividly illustrates people’s attitudes towards domestic products. In front a big computer, there are a host of consumers, with money in their hands, eagerly waiting to purchase characters are given below the picture, which say “the popularity of domestic products.”

Chinese people’s growing enthusiasm for domestic brands, evidently, can be associated with the boom and prosperity of manufacturing industry in China. Indeed, the present-daay China-made products are characterized by lower price and improved quality, which attract and increasing number of customers in China to choose their national brands, rather than foreign ones. This phenomenon is particularly worth noticing. A case in point is me: as a youngster who is preparing for the national enrtrance exams for postgraduate studies, I use a Huawei smartphone. Its superior quality and diverse functions can bring me comfort and enjoyment, evoke my entusiasm for China-made items, and help me enhance my efficiency in life and study. As a matter of fact, it is people’s support and recognition that boost the rise and thriving of Chinese brands.

All in all, society as a whole should foster a positive atmosphere to advocate choosing domestic products over imported ones. Meanwhile, I deem that it is advisable for domestic companies to continuously improve the quality and after-service of their products, which will help our domestic brands gain more world recognition.

rush to purchase

rational consumption

national culture

patriotic sentiment

rational patriotism 理性爱国

boom and prosperity

long-lasting trends



The two pictures are simple but enlightening which vividly illustrate a common phenomenon among young people today. In one picture, there is a girl doing exercise with a workout video. The boy in the other picture, however, is just the opposite: although he is alse watching a workout video, he is reluctant to leave his sofa, thinking “watching equals practicing.” Several Chinese characters can be noticed below the pictures, which say " the power of action."

These drawings, apparently , can be associated with two distinct attitudes towards putting one’s plans into action. Successful individuals are characterized by various virtues, such as diligence, perseverance and determination to realize their dreams. However, in reality, a host of youngsters merely think about their goals but take no action. This behavior is rather ridiculous. It is their reluctance to act that causes them to gain noting. As a matter of fact , this laziness has constituted an obstacle that hinders young peoples growth and progress in their work, life and study.

As a senior who is preparing for the national entrance exams for postgraduate studies, Ideem that it is action and efforts that enable me to accumulate adequate knowledge, competence and confidence to achieve my dream. Accordingly, everyone, especially the young , should bear in mind that action speaks louder than words.

行动力the power of action 将计划付诸实践 put one’s plans into action行动胜于空言。Action speaks louder than words.落后fall behind 勤奋的同龄人diligent peers 取得成就 achieve accomplishments好的日常习惯good normal habits 坚持不懈的精神the spirit of persistence不劳而获reap without sowing


This is a simple but illuminating drawing in whichthere is an aged craftsman, carefully examining a watch witha magnifying glass and a repair tool. Although the watch isalready made, he does not seem satisfied:“No,not perfect yet.“Several Chinese characters can be noticed below the picture,which say “craftsman spirit."” Such a cartoon, apparently, can be assoc1atea wn tesignificance of craftsman spirit. Individuals with this spirit are marked by excellent qualities such as diligence,perseverance,dedication to work and pursuit of continuous improvement. Infact,I deem that it is advisable for people from all walks oflife to possess the spirit of pursuing the better,which can bringus greater motivation, arouse our enthusiasm for the future,and help us become excellent in both academic performanceand career development. As a senior who is preparing for thenational entrance exams for postgraduate studies, I cling to theidea that it is this spirit that enables me to accumulate adequateknowledge, competence and confidence to achieve my dream. Everyone should bear in mind that although we aremerely the ordinary, we are supposed to improve ourselves bylearning craftsman spirit. It can be likened to a journey, leadingto a brilliant and bright future.(209 words)


This is a simple but enlightening picture. In a park, thereis a youngster, bending down to pick up the garbage thrownaway by someone else. The other young man, however, tells himto leave it there because"the garbage man will take care of it.“Several Chinese characters are given below the picture, whichsay “it’s just a simple action.” The drawing can be naturally connected with two distinctattitudes towards social responsibilities. To my understanding,a clean and comfortable environment requires every citizen’scffort. However,admittedly, some people, just like the youngman sitting on the bench in the picture, never bother to undertakeany little social responsibility, like picking up the litter. Thisphenomenon is particularly worth concerning for the reasonthat protecting the environment is a duty of every citizen.Asa matter of fact,only with our shared efforts can we build andenjoy a clean and healthy living environment. To conclude, as a college student,I am convinced thatsociety as a whole should foster an atmosphere to punish thosewho drop litter and praise those who are willing to do good deedsin daily life. Every individual should bear in mind that theearth is our common home. (205 words)


This is a simple but satirical drawing, in which thereis a father,with his smartphone in hands, sitting leisurely ona sofa and staring at the screen. Beside him sits his son,withgreat perplexity on his face,asking: “Dad, are you listening tome?” Finally, several Chinese characters can be noticed belowthe picture, which say that“being together does not equal toaccompanying.” This picture, apparently, can be associated with how parentsshould educate and accompany their children. Admittedly, inreality, a host of parents merely stay with their kids, spendingnearly all their time on cell phones and not caring about whattheir children say. This phenomenon is particularly worthconcerning for the reason that these parents focus eyesight onlyon their own affairs, ignoring the importance of communicatingwith their children. As a matter of fact,parents’ indifferentattitudes may constitute an obstacle that hinders the parent-child relationship as well as their children’s growth. To my understanding, it is advisable for parents to notonly stay with their children but also communicate with andcare about them. Parents are supposed to stay away frommobile phones when accompanying their children. Everyparent should also bear in mind that being a good companion can be likened to a bridge, leading to a good parent-childrenrelationship.(219 words)


The purpose of this pie chart is to illustrate howstudents allocate their spare time in a certain college.First, thestudents spend 35%and 32% of their spare time in learningand entertaining, which are the largest and the second largestproportion. Then,part-time jobs, club activities and physicalexercise are also parts of their leisure life, taking up 14%,11%and 8% respectively. Such statistics can be naturally associated with collegestudents’ varied lifestyles.First, youngsters nowadays arecharacterized by great academic pressure, which causes themto spend a large proportion of spare time doing homework. Inaddition, everyone, including college students,needs entertainment.,Finally, doing part-time jobs, participating in club activitiesand doing exercise can help ease students’ financial pressure,improve their social skills, and maintain their physical health. As a senior who is preparing for the national entranceexams for postgraduate studies, I devote most of my spare timeto attending online courses and doing exercise. It is attendingcourses that enables me to accumulate adequate knowledgeand skills to be fully prepared for the exams. And it is regularexercise that brings me lots of energy, arouses my passion forlife, and helps me enhance my learning efficiency. (203 words)


This is a simple but enlightening excerpt of an article, inwhich the author argues that incentive-based parenting can beeffective at home for the short term, but will become a problemin the long run. Although I have no children,I cannot agreemore with it. To my understanding,one’s internal motivation canbe likened to the key to success. A case in point is me. As asenior who is preparing for the national entrance exams forpostgraduate studies, I cling to the idea that it is inner motivationthat enables me to work hard each day, and accumulate adequateknowledge and competence to achieve my dream. However,in reality, a host of short-sighted parents may merely seekthe so-called reward system to encourage their children. Thisphenomenon is particularly worth concerning for the reasonthat children often fail to maintain positive behaviors if thereward is unavailable. That is to say, in the long term,thissort of reward system may constitute an obstacle that hindersyoungsters’growth and progress. Accordingly, all parents should bear in mind that internalmotivation cultivates interest in learning itself. If parents intendto see children’s sustainable growth, it is advisable for them toinspire the young’s internal motivation.(207 words)

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